Become an Official Partner
Become an Official Partner

Offical Trail Partner Programme

The New Zealand Cycle Trail's Official Partner programme has been created to enable local businesses to partner with cycle trails in their region, for mutual benefit.

The Official Partner programme aims to build the profile of the West Coast WiIderness Trail, increase the turnover of businesses that provide related goods and services and generate increased downstream economic benefits to the communities of the West Coast.

The Programme offers significant benefits to both parties and recognises the importance of effective partnerships to the sustainable success of the Trail.

Click here to apply to become a official partner.

Commercial Activity

Additionally, if you are thinking about basing a commercial activity on the Wilderness Trail, such as guiding trips or running an event, that's great!

Over 20% of our Trail is on stunning public conservation land, managed by DOC.

Early on in your planning contact our local DOC office to find out about what permission (called a concession) you need to use the Trail commercially, or follow this link to explore the concessions process.

DOC Hokitika, phone 03 756 9100 - Email

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